Hi there. I’m Art Gottlieb.

I’m a military and naval historian who happens to be a mechanic. A mechanic who happens to be a social worker. And I never met a boat I didn’t like.

I give regular lectures on history and culture to my favorite people—the ones who lived through it. Senior residents used to show up to see what I got wrong about history. Now they come back to reconnect with it—and themselves.

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Silver Fox

The tide was at its lowest point when I saw her for the first time from atop the marina’s tall and rusty retaining wall. Looking down from above, one could see her true form, as she must have...

May 28, 2020/No comment

Featured Lecture Series Topic

Douglas MacArthur and the Korean War

A special ZOOM Presentation by
Art Gottlieb, LCSW, CSA

Having achieved legendary status for his lead role in the Pacific Theatre during World War II and as the de-facto leader of occupied Japan afterwards, the redoubtable General Douglas MacArthur was the logical choice to lead United Nations coalition forces at the outbreak of the Korean War. Although keen as a wartime strategic leader, MacArthur’s goals ran afoul of President Truman’s leading to the five star general’s abrupt and highly sensationalized dismissal.


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