Field of Gray Ashes

Field of Gray Ashes

As I get older, I am increasingly aware of the significance of early life events and how they form the lens through which we view our world. The path of development is not always direct and linear. Frequently, personality traits emergent in adulthood have been developed in reaction to or to compensate for, the feelings of powerlessness experienced in the homes and playgrounds of our youth.

Silver Fox

The tide was at its lowest point when I saw her for the first time from atop the marina’s tall and rusty retaining wall. Looking down from above, one could see her true form, as she must have appeared in the eyes of her designers some forty years before.

With Sails Well Trimmed

I’ve been lucky so far this season. Each time I’ve been out on the water the weather has been beautiful, and today is no exception.  Taking advantage of ideal sailing conditions, local skippers have seized the day, garnishing the sea with sun-lit triangles of sail. From this point eastward the Sound is wide enough to notice the curvature of the …

Between Lilacs of Blue

There was welcome shade under the apple trees that hot and humid summer of my seventh year. It was just after the war that my mother’s parents moved their family out there, to the flat open farmlands of New Jersey, leaving the South Bronx behind for a new beginning selling fresh eggs. Bordered by a dirt road with no name, …

Through Eyes of Blue

How bold it must have been A professional woman Amid the conceit of men Accomplished and refined Her beauty transcended Her current form In throes of mortal failure As she lay shaking Turning towards me In silent desperation We met Through eyes of blue Where her soul dwell Now trapped within Her gaze Reached through bars of steel With face …