Through Eyes of Blue

How bold it must have been

A professional woman

Amid the conceit of men

Accomplished and refined

Her beauty transcended

Her current form

In throes of mortal failure

As she lay shaking

Turning towards me

In silent desperation

We met

Through eyes of blue

Where her soul dwell

Now trapped within

Her gaze

Reached through bars of steel

With face drawn and translucent

She motioned me near

And whispered

Please… tell me a story

And so I shared

My only thought

A sonnet of Vivaldi  

The flowery meadow

With colors of pastel

And flowing brooks of spring

As her eyes slowly closed

I took comfort

In her peaceful respite

As we walked together

Through a place

Without time or boundary

And for each a gift

That by her prayer

The jailor’s key had turned

Releasing her

For one final flight 

Through this mortal kingdom

To be witnessed with clarity

And with grace

Through eyes of blue